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Getting more out of your mobile workers is easier than you think. And more beneficial. Because while SyVox is increasing the productivity of your mobile workers, the SyVox data collection software will also increase accuracy, improve speed and ergonomics and safety. But the increase you may appreciate most is the savings to your bottom line.

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Productivity Blog

KPI’s: Measuring Progress - Jul 08, 2013

Ed Koch was the quintessential New York politician for thirty years. I’m sure he had a staff of pollsters and advisors in the background helping to guide his decisions. But from the Public View, Ed got feedback on his plans and policies by asking folks on City streets and subways “How’m I doing?”. A risky [...]

Funding the Project - Jun 13, 2013

You’ve studied your operation; found some things you’d like to change; worked up some costs and savings, but were turned down for funding. Saving money is a good thing, but sometimes it’s just not enough. Not enough money, not enough improvement, not enough … glamour. Don’t give up; get creative.

One of your ideas was [...]

Inventory Control, part 3 - May 28, 2013

So, in the never ending battle for Truth, Justice and Inventory Control you defined all your products and storage areas, labeled them with as universal a scanning ID plan as possible and implemented a process to maintain and protect both sets of data. What strategy did you choose to manage the ever changing Quantity of [...]

Who is Genesta?

Genesta is a supply chain systems development and technology deployment firm that specializes in warehouse inventory management and customized solutions to optimize warehousing and distribution. We are a leading provider of data collection solutions for industrial, transportation and logistics applications, with extensive expertise in the design, installation and support of multi-modal data collection systems and supply chain management software.Genesta's deep knowledge of bar code data collection, industrial speech recognition, wireless and RFID inventory tracking helps clients improve business performance.

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